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The New London Theater as of 7 Oct 72 London, England
Tape: 23, 24 Nov 1972
Week of 13 November 72
Up to, but no more than 3 days of 4-hour-orchestra calls to read down and rehearse the score. Without Miss Dietrich.

Sunday 19 November
An 8-hour call for 6 men to load in and hang scenery, and lay the floor.

Monday 20 November
AM: Theater crew call to continue hanging scenery, and to set up the orchestra (onstage).
Note: Theater sound engineer to set up mikes for orchestra and Miss Dietrich, for theater amplification. (TV sound and lighting engineers to observe). Follow spots and operators, on hand. (Further lighting calls to be specified, subject to discussion with Joe Davis)
3-7 P.M. Orchestra rehearsal with Miss Dietrich, including rehearsal of theater sound balance, and follow spots. (TV sound and lighting engineers to observe)

Tuesday 21 November
A.M: Theater crew call to conclude hanging of scenery.
3-7 P.M: Orchestra rehearsal with Miss Dietrich; including rehearsal of theater sound balance and follow spots. (TV sound and lighting engineers to observe)

Wednesday 22 November
A.M. Load-in of TV equipment; and completion of lighting,starting at such hour as to arrive at video pictures in time for a make~up test with Miss Dietrich at 3 p.m.
3-7 P.M. Make-up tests with Miss Dietrich on camera. Sound tests with Miss Dietrich and orchestra.
Note: Facilities available for recording of tests on video tape, and immediate playback.

Thursday, 23 November
10.00 A.M.–01.00 P.M.: Camera blocking, with stand-in. No orchestra.
01.00 P.M.–0200 P.M.: BREAK
02.00 P.M.–03.30 P.M.: Camera blocking with Miss Dietrich. No orchestra
03:30 P.M.–06:30 P.M.: Dress rehearsal, with orchestra , costume & makeup.
06:30 P.M.–09:00 P.M.: BREAK
09:00 P.M.–10:30 P.M.: SHOW

Friday 24 November
11:00 A.M.–Playback of Thursday show.
01:00 P.M.–04:00P.M.: Cleanup: cameras, lighting and sound. (also feed graphics to tape) Orchestra join at 2 PM, if required
04:00 P.M.–07:00P.M.: BREAK for orchestra and Miss Dietrich (conclude feeding graphics to tape)
07:00 P.M.–08:30 P.M.: SHOW
08:30 P.M.–10.30 P.M.: Pick-up shots, (with audience , and with camera on stage): – flowers coming down aisle bouquet throwing – CU flowers, etc. – LS audicace with Miss D. FG.
Re-shoot: "Lily Marlene" (with black velour)
"Where Have All The Flowers Gone" (black velour)
"Falling In Love Again" with extra half-chorus
10:30 PM-Midnight: Break down equipment.

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